Teddybear Puppies

Paddington. Corduroy. Fozzie. Winnie-the-Pooh. What do these rather peculiar names all have in common? If you guessed bears – you have it. Teddy bears, to be exact.

I bet you remember days past of childhood where cuddling using a big fluffy teddy made each of the hurt disappear completely. In recent years, their popularity has risen sharply.

As with adding a fresh pet loved one, you generally want to do pursuit first which means you know well what you’re getting yourself into if this type of breed of canine will suit your family.

Try not being too distracted by those adorable stuffed animal puppies! If you’re wondering what is a teddy bear dog, then continue reading!

What is really a Teddy Bear Dog?
So, teddybear puppies have got fluffy coats, tiny bodies, and big eyes and bear resemblance to the stuffed companion individuals kids. What can be a teddy bear dog? A mix involving the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise breed of dogs (though various other breed variations can share this name), they’re also commonly known as Shichon or Zuchon.

Teddy bear puppies coats may vary in colour from black to white or brown. A fun fact: it is in reality not officially recognised just as one actual breed of its very own yet.

The American Kennel Club claims it is going to accredit the breed having its official name right after more generations. These pups also provide several pleasing characteristics:

Friendly disposition
Love affection and cuddles
Generally sweet and mild tempered
Usually very enthusiastic to please its owner
Less loud and noisy than other breeds
Intelligent and usually simple to train
Shed-free (typically)
Most are even hypoallergenic to speak

Though they’re a somewhat new breed combination, they are becoming quite highly searched for.

The best benefit? Their breeding is designed to eliminate most dander, which means that your “allergic” lover can’t stop you from adopting one. They are also known being very gentle and well suited for young children and the elderly.

stuffed bear dogs puppy

How big do Teddy Bear Puppies get?
Aside in the massive bears that show up on store shelves around Valentine’s Day, most teddy bear puppies fit perfectly in an elementary school child’s arms.

Weighing a petite 8-16 pounds and growing towards the height of your single ruler, they come in the perfect size for snuggling. They usually measure from 8-12 inches in height when full grown.

8 Things to Know About Ted Bear Dogs
I love being playful and wish plenty of affection
What may be better than your dog whose sole mission in everyday life is usually to love and cuddle you? It may sound all sunshine and roses, however, these little tiny dogs require more affection than other breeds.

They are in fact known to become quite needy but on the bright side, this will probably provide you with a little ego boost. They will supply you with a large amount of dedication and loyalty.

I swear I don’t play favorites
Ted pups don’t apparently play favorites. Now you can argue with your spouse about another critical topic: who touched the remote last?

I need a great deal of chew toys please.
When they are going through the teething stage at about 3 to 4 months, they may be proven to just chew on everything. If you want to prevent your furniture from being attacked, you need every one of the chew toys you will get. You can also have a bone through the butcher for the little pup to gnaw on. This is absolutely the most popular chew toy for Harley.

I love my walks and exercises
Like most other dogs, that like to exercise. You should aim to walk them at least one time each day, and try to make room for playtime!

Mommy, I’m sorry I peed on great-grandma’s quilt. It was a major accident.
As adorable since they might be, they certainly possess a little of an reputation when it comes to potty training. Now’s some time you may start wishing for the cat instead, while they’re typically less difficult to potty train. Prepare yourself mentally and set realistic expectations.

Don’t expect to successfully toilet train in a matter of an week. Owners have been proven to take a minimum of two months to ascertain a good routine as well as at least half a year simply uses stop seeing any potty accidents.

As with any dog breed, just be patient and they’re going to eventually nail it.

Mommy, the mailman asked me to experience tag, I promise!
You would believe a little dog wouldn’t be able to run quickly. Wrong. As mentioned above, these pups are high in energy and will likely run until something stops them. A retractable leash you will save a lot of headaches, as ted gets more room to run and you also get to exert less effort maintaining him.

You have to realize that they’re not your usual slow walkers. Instead, that like to operate or walk as fast as they can. Full steam ahead seems to become their motto. Check out the most popular retractable leash here.

You can squeeze me tight. I’m stronger than I look.
Many people think small dogs need to be handled more carefully than larger ones. They’re often mistaken to get as fragile and delicate as china. This is just not the case. In fact, these folks were originally bred to serve as therapy dogs for people with disabilities.

They have softer bones that resist breakage better than other breeds. So go ahead and give your Ted the big hug he deserves!

I can sense your emotions and I’m in charge of you.
As mentioned, they began as therapy dogs for the children, his or her smaller size and sweet personalities meshed well with younger ages. They are extremely intelligent and attuned with their owners feelings.

Don’t be surprised when you’re sad along with a cute little furball jumps on the lap!

Is a Teddy Bear Puppy good for you?
Before adopting or buying a brand new dog, it’s always important to do your quest which means you can find out if your dog will fit your family and the opposite way round. For more breed of dogs, see my guide.

Teddybear Puppies – Quality Yorkies From Strong Pedigree Lineage

Cockapoos may inherit the characteristics of either or both their parent breeds. Cockapoos are very sociable dogs and as such are not suitable to be left alone for long periods when they may experience separation distress. Breeding the first generations creates the phenomenon called “hybrid-vigor”, which means there is increased vigor or general health, resistance to disease, and other superior qualities that are often manifested in a hybrid. The curlier the coat is the more hypoallergenic the dog is because there is little to no shedding or dander. See “Upcoming Litters” for more information! This Nursery Package is not for sale and the information in the “Nursery Package” is not given to anyone but to the “parents” who purchase a puppy. Both the coat coloring and texture and height and weigh depends upon the parents characteristics. The coat of the Cockapoo will vary from dog to dog. On average a Cockapoo is 10-15 inches tall and weighs 12-24 pounds. Cockapoo size and weight will vary depending on the parents. My goal is to produce happy, healthy babies and to make it an easy transition for both the puppy and the new parents. The “Nursery Package” is available “Exclusively” for those who purchase a puppy.

Accompanying each pup is a care package custom made to fit his/her individual needs and to help it adjust to its new home. I raise quality puppies for either home or competition with a strong pedigree lineage from Clarkwyn, Durrer, Millmoor, Parquins, Pastoral, Rothby and Yorkboro. Our Pet Puppies are sold on a spayed/neuter contract, and are only sold to approved homes. My homebred babies are known for their personality plus, sweet, loving temperaments, babydoll and teddybear faces, small tight ear sets, silk coats, beautiful color and excellent structure. The color of the doodle can vary to include apricot, cream, gold. APPEARANCE: Cockapoos can be one solid color or can have complex markings. APPEARANCE: The Doodle’s coat can vary from very curly to slightly wavy. Most will have a coat somewhere between the Cocker and the Poodle with some being more sleek and others more curly. Depending on breeding, it is possible for Teddybears to have more or less of one breed than the other and still be considered a Teddybear. While some Cockapoos appear more similar to Cocker Spaniels, others will exhibit more Poodle traits, creating a variation in appearance and temperament.

Here at TeddyBear Goldens we strive to produce healthy, sound goldens with a True Golden Temperament. TeddyBear Goldens is located on 160 acre farm in Kettle River, MN. WHAT IS A TEDDYBEAR MINI GOLDENDOODLE? The Goldendoodle is the perfect mix combining the retrievers loving and good natured qualities and the low to non-shedding Poodle. They will also serve as a good watchdog and generally are sure to bark when someone is at the door. Shichon dogs are lively and they love to play which makes them a great choice for active families or families with older children. The dogs have alot of room to run, play and hunt. They have been quick to train and very loyal dogs. Cockapoos are intelligent, active and devoted dogs. Puppies are micro-chipped, and are sold on a neuter/spay agreement/contract. Their puppies have been super soft, wavy to curly, great personalities and very smart puppies. We breed occasionally, both our Sire and Dam have Hips, Elbows, Heart and Eye Clearances.

This breed has long flowing, soft fur that is either silky or curly to touch. CHARACTER: Cockapoos have become popular because they generally combine the outgoing, loving personality of the Cocker Spaniel with the low-shedding, low-dander qualities of the poodle. This cross-breeding became an instant hit and today many families have doodle as an intricate part of their family’s life. John and I welcome you to stop by or if you just have some questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. If you have any further questions, please contact me via phone or email. I want you to have many years of happiness with your puppy. Prior to release every puppy is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and has a complete written Veterinarian Physical Exam/Health Certificate. New owners will receive a copy of all veterinarian paperwork for their records. We will be going for a scan in 30days to see what cooking in the oven! Cockapoos can be agile, excelling at “retrieve” games and enjoying activities such as swimming. Our Cockapoos are the product of our Cocker Spaniel, Pidge and our Mini Poodle, Snoopy.

The first Goldendoodles were bed in 1990. They are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. A Cockapoo can be the result of mating either the American Cocker Spaniel or the English Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. WHAT IS A COCKAPOO? They can be white with patches of any color, have spots or freckles, have merle coloring or any variety of colors. I have had and been a yorkie lover for 40 years! Golden Retriever puppies are on the way! TRAINING: Doodles are very intelligent and are eager to please, learning tricks and potty training quickly. Our Mini Teddybear Doodles are the product of our Mini Golden Doodle, Elsi Mae and our Mini Poodle, Snoopy. The teddybear puppies are not considered to be big barkers however. The Teddybear is a 50/50 hybrid of the Brichon Frise and the Shih Tzu. The Teddybear is a friendly and affectionate little dog that loves to be around family. These dogs form strong bonds with their family members and they tend to get along well with other dogs and household pets.